Tuesday, February 8, 2011

In Defense of Bradley Manning

Civil rights attorney Chase Madar outlines the case against––and the defense on behalf of––the soldier who allegedly provided the documents for the latest WikiLeaks release as well as the now infamous "Collateral Murder" video, Private First Class Bradley Manning.

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You can also listen to Chase Madar read his complete opening statement here:

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Chase Madar, so young but such a talented attorney. Very Strong Opening statement, and if I were Mr. Manning family I would certainly use him as one of his legal team member. Bright future for Mr. Madar.

Anonymous said...

Bradley Manning has a high sense of morality and did what every soldier should do: not to deal with war crimes and crimes against humanity. When taking a look to the responsibles of those crimes, as Cheney, Rumsfeld and others, they express such salacity that one only wonders how the world runs! Impeachment of Rumsfeld and Cheney is imperative for justice in our world. Bradley Manning is a hero with high moral qualities and his imprisonment is a crime and torture is the new horror of the US administration which seems to be drown in immorality and corruption. That's really the end of the USA

Anonymous said...

As a lover of Christ and truth, I pray that Mr. Manning will get a speedy and fair trial. Hiding truth is evil's game, and we shall know them by their actions. Holding him in solitary and denying him a speedy trial and the right to full representation is evidence for the presence of evil. Mr. Manning should take solace and strength that their treatment is evidence of their wrongdoing.