Friday, February 11, 2011

From Prisoner to Peacemaker

Jen Marlowe, an author, playwright, documentary filmmaker and human rights advocate, discusses the story of Palestinian peace activist and co-author of her latest book "The Hour of Sunlight," Sami Al Jundi.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview of an astonishing lady and and her living chosen hero of her book "The Hour of Sunlight", Sami Al Jundi.

Please give this interview repeated exposure, and try to get and interview with Diane Reems on NPR, or Charlie Rose on US TV if that has not happened yet. This story is a kernel of truth that the world yearning for understanding of all the unrest and the revolt movements we have recently had and will have so many more -- this kernel will help the disinterested, the confused, and the avid followers of today's goings-on, a huge step forward in our ability to grasp the importance and see the positive results that are being gained but extraordinary courage and good adult thinking. Thanks so much..Jill Lawrence, in DeLand Florida
(this is my first experience with TomCast)