Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taming the Dragon

History professor Al McCoy, who is also a renowned scholar on the CIA and global drug trafficking, talks about Afghanistan's unprecedented drug-based economy and the consequences of its status as a true narco-state.
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motherhen said...

Obama should resign in shame for his part in the Afganistan drug mess. The Taliban gets money to fight our troops from the sale of drugs. I'm writing my reps in D.C......again.

matthew said...

just get all troops out of afgan and let the taliban do what they do best without the opium many things will fail,as a herion addict myself,but bearing in mind im not a thief or anything like that i work fulltime as a skilled toolmaker,the more you take herion of the streets the more crime there is ,just legalise it have safe houses and crime will drop in all good time

motherhen said...

thank you so much for your contributions, Matthew, to our world including your comment yesterday. Thank goodness we do make tiny movements toward becoming better humans and the use of drugs is an area that is coming along also, slowly. When we're extraterrestials having terraformed Mars and taken charge of our solar system we'll look back on this time with wonder that we ever overcame such ignorance as the Salem witch trials, incarcerating drug users, HAARP earthquakes, etc. A step we're currently taking to move ourselves along is NAWAPA (North Atlantic Water and Power Alliance) so we can provide ourselves water and energy, and survival into the 31st century, at least. (I used to pray for wisdom; now I just pray for energy.:) I'm a not so frisky 70 this year.) That said opiates, religion, money, anything can be copted by imperialists, Shakespeare says, Truth will out. Never fear and have fun.