Sunday, March 7, 2010

The New Jim Crow

Michelle Alexander describes how she came to recognize the new manifestation of a part of American history many claimed was dead.
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Francis said...

It is not just about controlling black men, it is about extermination. Ask yourself why most Planned Parenthood abortion clinics, funded by the Eugenics movement, are located in poor black and ethnic areas. Is it really by chance that the abortion laws were changed in the early 1970's after black people started to demand a "place at the table"? I think it is cause and effect! Abortion among black people is self-inflicted genocide.

Eugenicists might say: "The best way to control them is to keep them from getting here. Failing that, the second best way is to jail them, if you can't lynch them. Lynching would be cheaper but it is not politically correct any more. Besides, they might actually get the point and start to resist! But wait, is there really anything to worry about? IF they are taking the drugs we have provided, they are cooperating with us in their own destruction anyway and doing us a favor by committing suicide! That's an easy solution!"
I hope such talk makes your blood boil like it does mine! But remember: "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the LORD, I will repay!"

greenwarrior said...

this is the first time i'm listening to a tomcast and i found the music during the intro and at the end so distracting that i couldn't focus on what was being said. please consider stopping the music while people are talking. thanks

dodomas said...

It's amazing to me that so many people think racism and oppression has disappeared. The so-called war on drugs was war on black communities. Reagan allowed cocaine to be sold in black communities to fund his illegal war in Nicaragua.Black people don't own planes or boats and they don't grow coca plants so clearly someone else brought cocaine into our communities. The idea that the election of Obama ended racism is ludicrous. Had he been a descendant of slaves, he would not be in the white house. White people know what they have done to black people and they would never trust a black person whose family suffered from slavery, Jim Crow, et al to be in charge of this country for fear of retribution. I think this is at the root of the irrational Tea Party folk. Obama is not a threat to white folk or the power structure and he is not the savior of black folk.pyjtu

Alan said...

It is a social class thing not a racial thing. MLK knew this. Many prisoners like George Jackson also knew this.
Divide and conquer is the the means they get away with it. Don't play into their hands.

Study: More whites, fewer blacks going to prison for drugs

* Story Highlights
* Study says crack cocaine use waning, meth on the rise
* Police may be changing tactics after criticism, study's author says
* Law enforcement has been accused of "over policing" black neighborhoods
* Eighty percent of crack offenders are black, study says

The Sentencing Project, based in Washington, said it seeks to overhaul unfair, ineffective criminal justice policies and promote alternatives to incarceration. The group opposes stiff penalties for nonviolent drug crimes.

The number of whites in state prison for drugs rose 42.6 percent since 1999, while blacks dropped 21.6 percent.

In addition, the study suggests that much of the difference between blacks and whites has been because of "police targeting of open-air drug markets" or street corners.

According to the study, "the white increase may be related in part to more aggressive enforcement of methamphetamine laws. While methamphetamine is only used at significant levels in a relative handful of states, data from states such as Iowa and Minnesota show a substantial influx of these cases during this time period."

While the number of people in state prisons for drug offenses rose by less than 1 percent overall during the study period, the increase in federal prisons was more than 32 percent.

The study was based on U.S. data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the FBI and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Alexander:

Is a giant. And I ask myself this
is the kind of leader BLACKS need
NOW! A voice rare in a world of wheelers and dealers who would sell their grandmother for 15 minutes of fame. The BLACK MAN is a punching bag for this society and Ms. Alexander is the only person I know that is saying ENOUGH already!

I love Ms. Alexander because she is a Sheperd trying to protect the sheep. Come on people stop punching on the BLACK MAN.

He's never had the desire to enslave or conquer a people for their OIL.

The BLACKMAN build the south;

he picked the cotton, the sugar, built the railroads and worked the tobacco. Never did he get the Mule and parcel of land promised.

Johhny Cochran had the right idea!


Genklag said...

I found this article - and the audio comments- one of the best on this abhorent topic.In Europe this kind of 'profiling' is in full swing as in most other 'developped' democraties (in France they call it "délit de facies").

After all this time since the beginning of the "War on Drugs", I can only come to one conclusion = it benefits handsomely a minority, and that minority is not interested in any kind of change. If the govts. were concerned about public health, ALL drugs would be legalized along with an aggressive policy of prevention and treatment centers.

It seems to be easier to stroke the emotional nerve of "the bad minorities poisoning our society" so as to divert the attention away from the issues of collusion, nepotism and political corruption, that need urgently to be addressed! And the Obama election allowed overt racism to flourish in the guise of "we elected an afro-american, so it proves that all criminal measures taken, no matter how lopsided,are 'color blind'".

When I think of this quagmire I can only measure the depth of the rot in our system engineered by Reagan up to the present administration. It makes me sick ...and leaves me feeling hopless...

Marc Garvey said...

This is not about extermination, though it may have that effect. The system is designed to control, not just Black men, but the larger population by way of its racial prejudice toward Black men.

@Alan: There is the issue of the public imagination's idea of who a criminal is. Those who are honest will admit that this figure in the public's mind isn't a race neutral poor person. It is a Black person. So while this clearly has a class dimension, to try and separate off the racial aspect diverges from the evidence available and in the end supports the racist premise we are trying to combat, Alan.

I would ask you and others who try to isolate class in this issue to be honest about the easily available facts. It is race and class that make people susceptible to getting caught up in this but the control element is not class, it is race. Other non-Black poor people are collateral damage.

And the target of any control system is the larger population altogether. This shit must be understood!!

Anonymous said...