Saturday, September 8, 2012

Confessions of a Former Republican

Jeremiah Goulka, a political and cultural writer for American Prospect, Salon, and former DOJ attorney discusses his background as a moderate Republican and his later political shift.
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Humanist said...

excellent!!! Jeremiah Goulka's human goodness and fairness enabled him to break out of an ultra-conservative ideology. Very articulate!! Sending it to all the rightwing ideologues who don't 'get it.' Not that they'll listen; they probably won't. (As Goulka says, we 'self censor'). No, I need to send this because I need to put this out in the world.

Cheyanne said...

...I first read Jeremiah on Alternet about why he is former Republican, but hearing the voice, in person and straight from the horses mouth to God's ears is a joy.

Thank you Jeremiah for seeing the light Our LIGHT. Whoever WE are, one by one individually.