Monday, June 4, 2012

Staying Ahead of the Times

TomDispatch founder Tom Engelhardt talks about the history and future of drone warfare. It is the subject of his latest book, along with co-author and TomDispatch regular Nick Turse, titled Terminator Planet: The First History of Drone Warfare.


Anonymous said...

The blasted problem is that no one in the Western world seems to give a toss. Much in the same way that no government woke up to Hitler before it was too late.
And the really sad part is that Hitler's warfare was less indecent than the undeclared wars instigated by the US.
With some luck someone might give Obama a taste of what he really has been doing. Sorry about Michelle and the kids, they seem nice enough. Like the Afghan and Pakistani kids do!

turtlejean said...

A week ago I wrote President Obama and spoke of the drone warfare. I spoke of TomDispach and the newest book. I asked Obama to be a peace president, not a war president which he is now.
I doubt that I will hear back a reply. Using methods to wipe out who ever we think our enemy is (could be me, an elder woman who seeks peaceful ways to solve problems) only destroys this precious planet.
If many people wrote the President, just maybe he would listen to the people and change.