Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do You Want to Know a Secret?

TomDispatch founder and editor, and author of The American Way of War, Tom Engelhardt talks about the paradox of highly publicized covert warfare.

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Tom Blandy said...

Dear Tom Englehardt,
I admire your work and passion, also agree about the relative insignificance of finally doing bin Laden in, but the rhetoric does get tiresome. Is it necessary to enumerate all the faults of our government, politics, and citizens, to make your point? (I tend to do the same sort of thing, many others do too. I just have gotten sick of my own voice.) What if you were to take some time BEFORE you write, working on putting it all into briefer, better writing?
Tom Blandy Troy NY

Anonymous said...

Dear Tom Englehardt,

As a lawyer (non-practicing due to illness), rather than "off shored," I am of the belief that no one understands what the Geneva Convention is anymore (nor, from the repeated chants of "USA!" might they care...) but rather our government post 911 has morphed into is what I refer now with a so-called Democrat as "Bush-Lite." Thanks for your web cast. I'm not often on the computer for reading or listening, so I choose carefully.

S. Di Paola
Washington State

Anonymous said...

Whoever was killed in Abbotabad was not Osama BL. It was probably his younger brother who resembled him. Osama died in 2006 as Benazhir Bhutto revealed in a 2007 BBC interview. He did not dye his hair in that famous video as commentators speculated. He was in fact younger. That was why he was filmed watching his own videos. Was he really watching himself or was he studying Osama in order to carry out the deception better. Same with the porn if indeed it was truly found and not planted. I doubt if Osama indulged in that. His playboy brothers surely did though.