Monday, September 6, 2010

You Get the General's Idea

Tom Engelhardt discusses the new trend in the American way of war in which generals get to create their own narratives.

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Unknown said...

Excellent Tom!
This is my 1st 'Tom-cast' and I, for 1 (I see there are no other comments, as yet) fully support your efforts! It's good to hear your voice, as you seem to get right to the point.
Keep up the good work. Your research, as always, is 'right on' (up to date) and your insights appreciated!
"Just one of your many admirers".

Unknown said...

I neglected to add, I did read Gary Bass's review; another good read.

I wish I had the 'where-with-all' to read the 'trifecta' sooner than later, but for now I'm confined to the internet (thankful for this as well).

It seems I'm one of Bacevich's "... second target..." but reject any notion of being part of the "sleepwalking American public". So, perhaps I am not 'in his sights'.

But, this raises the question(s):

How might Mr. Bacevich suggest we make our voices heard?

A difficult issue when you consider how anything either logical, liberal and/or progressive is shouted out.

We (the American 'sleepwalkers') haven't had a say since Ike achieved office. That's as far back (maybe too far, as I'm 62 now)as I can project.

How are we to do that now? Our Congress? Our White House?

How, I ask again? I've written and called; sat in offices for hours too many to tell; marched in the streets of San Francesco and Washington, D.C.

How? I ask again

But, perhaps I'm being unfair; as I haven't read his book.

I'll report back if I can formulate a plan, test it and see if it works. For now, we (the 'sleepwalking' American public) are stuck with politicians who only communicate (one way)through fund raising emails/blogs and War Generals who have been given voice to what they only use to say behind closed doors. See what we get with 'transparency'?

Thanks again, Tom.
(I didn't mean for this to be my soap box!)