Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ponzi Bear

Andy Kroll discusses why the phrase "Ponzi Scheme" is a new favorite political pejorative. He also answers the question: Who would fall for this anyway?
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Cirze said...

This is so eye opening that it should be broadcast on every channel.

Thanks, friend.

And what a friend!

____________ said...

Prisoners across this country during the 70's, 80's,and 90's witnessed and were aware of the dramatic shift in the demographics of the prison population. They read and studied the history that Ms. Alexander discovered when she wrote her book. They filed lawsuits challenging felon disenfranchisement in several states. They knew that what had happend to the black community was push back for the civil rights struggle and gains of the 60's. It is a beautiful thing to see their work and vision vindicated by such a warm and caring person as Ms. Alexander and not just another hustler looking for his 15 minutes of fame. My name is Joseph Hayden and I am the lead plaintiff in Hayden v. Patterson, a class action law suit filed in 2000 challenging the denial of the right to vote to prisoners and parolees in New York State. I filed that suit pro se. When I read about Ms. Alexander's work I broke out in a smile, it took a long time for academia to catch up. Now, we have to get together and build a real social movement to dismantle this new apartheid and debunk these myths about a post racial society. Any one interested can reach me at It is time for "our" pushback.