Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Alliance from Hell

Dilip Hiro discusses the precarious relationship between the United States and Pakistan.

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Unknown said...

excelent material, is very good

Matias Magallanes
pulido y plastificado

Anonymous said...

Food for thought!


Unknown said...

That's sooo unworthy of you
to do that to Jesus who loves you;
apparently, you dont care
if you're a lemming.
Wake the #@!!☆ up.

Just warning you, earthling:
this lifetime aint TheEnd...
Seventh-Heaven or the Abyss
o'Misery is TheEnd
(or Purgatory which we all shall
be free from someday to wiseabove)
where you shall have
for eternity in Heaven...
or pain-beyond-measure
in Hellfire for eternity.

Jesus prefers dudes
with a lil moe bawls
to ascend, earthling,
and we can show you how:
1. you gotta love God
before everything else;
2. you gotta love your nay-bore,
putting their lives
AHEAD of your own.
Do those 2 things?
I'll see you in the
Great Beyond...

God bless your indelible soul.