Monday, July 19, 2010

Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow

Bill Astore discusses the concept of the "hero," and critiques the idea of automatically equating military service with heroism.
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Christopher said...

Been saying the same thing for years. But we live in a soldier cult so no one listens. Belief is more important than facts in 'Merkuh.

fdimike said...

As a 20 year air force veteran (and a Vietnam vet) I couldn't agree more with Bill Astore. All I ever wanted to do was do my job and come home in one piece. I think I was able to accomplish doing my job ok. I'm not so sure about the coming back in one piece. Unfortunately, the words "hero" and "warrior" have come to equate goodness and "mom's apple pie" as though we have somehow turned back the clock to the days of the crusades. It's just not the case!
I applaud Bill for his courage!