Thursday, October 30, 2008

Audio: Phone Interview with Andrew Bacevich, contributor to TomDispatch - October 30, 2008

Oct. 30, 2008: Interview with Andrew Bacevich, contributor to TomDispatch.

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Alexander said...

Kudos to Andrew Bacevich in his efforts to lead the re-framing of the WOT.

Unspeakable though it is, even Andrew knows that the foreign policy here is an aggressive one bent upon extracting mineral resources--a model in play well prior to my great-grandmother's service in the Eisenhower administration.

That the wars the next president, and, importantly the new congress will inherit are in Iraq, Afganistan, Pakistan, Syria, and, Iran--states in territories encircling and containing the "greatest material prize in history" speaks for itself: robbery is the strategy. Robbery by another name.

Thank you Andrew, for attempting to re-assert American principles of fair dealing, and, however difficult, trying to lead Americans away from being complicit in mass murder for material gain.

textonscreen said...

I think that once people understand that the framework needs to be re-defined and coherence with purpose* needs “formatting” then everything else is just a "personal" reaction on what happened before. It is no longer about what happened before it is about what to "do" now with the lessons completed from before. I enjoyed the interview. I think the more this type of communication is communicated to the public the more integration between people will occur - over time.

My understanding is that once there has been a massive restructure within departments then the weeds will have been plucked from the bush.

*Finely articulated understanding; enactively per prose will protect the community and refresh the bowser with respect & purpose.

Stop thinking about what was and understand what "is".

Rock on Aquarius ... the sign of change.